Story Behind Cryptids in the Closet

The Queer and Trans Youth Council of Santa Cruz County has created this website to provide closeted LGBTQIA+ youth with informational resources. We wanted a website with a URL that wouldn’t alert guardians to the content you are viewing, so we chose CryptidsInTheCloset.com and our cover page is about cryptids. As part of the design, there is a built in Safety Exit which can be used as a discrete way to leave the LGBTQIA+ site quickly and go back to the cryptid page. We also have an art gallery where we continue to accept art submissions, and we have a gallery of coming out stories that you can also contribute to. Our intent with building this website was to provide a safe place for closeted youth.

About the Queer Youth Council

The Queer and Trans Youth Council of Santa Cruz County, a program of The Queer Youth Task Force, provides local LGBTQIA+ youth with leadership skills and an opportunity to serve the local LGBTQIA+ community. Councilmembers work together to identify needs, plan, and implement projects to directly impact their community. The 2020-2021 council met weekly online and identified the need for more resources for closeted youth. Councilmembers created a website designed to support closeted youth. The Queer and Trans Youth Council is a powerful example of LGBTQIA+ youth leadership in our county.


Queer Youth Council Website

Queer Youth Task Force of Santa Cruz County

The Queer Youth Task Force of Santa Cruz County is comprised of individuals and organizations that work with, or support, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and questioning (LGBTIQ) youth. We strive to improve the quality of life for all LGBTIQ youth in our community, as well as children raised in homes where LGBTIQ people live by: Fostering strong inter-generational collaboration by soliciting feedback from, and working with, youth. Identifying queer youths’ unmet needs and evaluating responses. Strategizing and implementing new resources, and improvements to existing resources. Improving awareness of available community resources and fostering collaboration of services. Supporting LGBTIQ related education, advocacy, inter-agency interactions and media opportunities. Addressing perceptions of queer youth by themselves, their families, their schools and the community.

Our mission is intended to proactively enhance understanding and respond if oppression occurs. The Task Force is an affiliate of The Diversity Center.

For additional information call: (831) 427-4004

Or Email us at info@QYTF.org

Thank You to our Sponsors

Santa Cruz County Office of Education

"Our vision is for Santa Cruz County to be a model of safe and inclusive schools for all students and families and especially for LGBTQ students. The research is clear: when students feel safe, supported and included in school, their learning increases, their engagement increases and more students graduate from high school who are college and career ready."

Safe Schools Project of Santa Cruz County

"The mission of the Safe Schools Project of Santa Cruz County is to partner with schools and school districts to provide support and professional development and learning for school administrators, teachers, counselors and support staff to provide safe and inclusive environments for all students, but especially for LGBTQ+ students. "

Another Special Thanks to these Amazing People

Capitola-Aptos Rotary Club

Christopher Schofield

Assemblymember Mark

Stone(29th CA District)

Harwood Beville

Santa Cruz County Office of Education

Marisol Roberts-Smith

Anthony Rodriguez