Coming Out Stories


I came out four separate times from 12-18. I first came out to my close friends and it felt liberating to do so. When I came out to my parents later on, it was the most anxious I’d ever felt. Now, I’m out to everyone if they want to know. My advice to other youth is to take your time and do it when you think you are ready. Don’t feel like you owe it to anyone to come out, do it when you feel safe. Just know that even if it feels hard now, it does get better, I promise.


I came out when I was 15 to my friends at school, and then eventually to my mom at home. I felt pretty normal while coming out, but it felt weird afterwards to have done so. It wasn’t a bad feeling, but strange. Now I’m publicly out to everyone. My advice for anyone still in the closet is that it’s okay to take your time on coming out. It’s a big deal and there will always be someone proud of you for having the courage to come out.


I first came out when I was 12 years old to my older sister at home, and then again at 14 to my mother while we were in the car. Before coming out I felt nervous, but afterwards I felt relieved. Originally I was only out to my family and then I came out to my entire grade of about 200 people. My advice to someone still in the closet is that life does get better.


I came out multiple times from ages 13 to 15. I first came out to my friend on Halloween after pulling them aside on the street and breaking town in tears. I was scared at first, but afterwards it felt like a weight was lifted off my chest. I felt happy that my friend was so accepting of my situation. I’m now out to most of my school, teachers, mom, and my friends. My original coming out affected this because I wasn’t as afraid of the reaction I would receive because of the positive feedback I got the first time. My advice if you’re still in the closet is to identify your surroundings and make sure you’re in a space safe for coming out. Come out to friends first because it helps you build up courage and understand the various reactions you may receive.


I was 12 and 13 when I first came out. I first came out to my girlfriend and then to my dad and came out at various times in the car, at my house, at the park, and at the boardwalk. It felt good to come out and it was nice to have people use the correct pronouns. Now, I’m out about being trans only to the people in my QSA, family, and close friends but everyone knows that I’m pan. However, at school, I pretend to be cis. My advice for coming out is to come out to trustworthy people first.

Citrus Poppy

When I first came out, I was 14 to my best friend at their birthday party. At first I was a bit apprehensive, but afterwards I was so glad that I decided to come out. I’m now out to anyone who asks and follows me on Instagram, but not to my family. My advice for people still in the closet would be to gauge your level of safety first or “test the waters” by bringing up queer topics. Your first concern should always be your safety. Also, coming out is a process for you, not for anyone else. Come out when you are ready. There is never any pressure to come out. If you decide to come out in a safe environment, understand the people who love you will accept you. You are valid and worth it, and you are amazing. Wishing you the best of luck! <3

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